Making Lightness The New You

This was the title for Day 8 of the current 21-Day Meditation Challenge. I usually hound everyone I know to give it a try when a new one is starting. Read more. I did a bad job of that this time but I do hope that many of you have been enjoying Deepak’s latest meditation.

I particularly loved the theme for this day because as WOBO women, the constant feeling of heaviness, literally and figuratively, weighs on our mind, body, and soul. We just want to feel lighter – for things to be easier.

When you have hit-THE-wall, the road to renewal “requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling.” This quote from Deborah Day speaks to the simplicity of change and growth. My clients who have been most successful were open to new ways of thinking and feeling. They were willing to pause and rethink how they habitually and unconsciously approached things.

The beliefs, routines and habits that keep us stuck can only be changed through new decisions and choices. Isn’t there something about the definition of crazy being – doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? You want your life to be different? You have to do something differently.

Going from WOBO (worn-out, burnt-out) to joyous and thriving happens by embracing your true self. This only happens through self-awareness and self-understanding.  Healing through self-awareness uplifts and liberates. It is exhilarating to see how knowing who you are, and making decisions aligned with who you are, can transform your life – how it heals.

It starts with simple self-awareness like knowing: you’re a raging lunatic when you’re hungry and creating a schedule that allows you to eat regularly; knowing that if you can just feel the sun on your face for 15 minutes every day, your optimism soars; or that listening to your kid on the ride home from practice makes for easier homework time after dinner.

These are simple things that will help you lighten up. These are simple things that will help you find the energy and time to do more that makes you feel great. Now, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t acknowledge the process can seem impossible some days. However, remembering the centering thought, “I find joy in my healing and recovery” will help re-center you and remind you to stay present in the current change and to relish its rewards.

If you start to doubt yourself at any time, then pull out this mantra and say it over and over again. Repeat the sanskrit mantra Siddho Hum which means I am perfect. Because you are.


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