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Replenish Retreats

Sometimes we need an oasis. A break from our busy lives. A step away from our day to day. An opportunity to recharge – to refill our wells and replenish our spirit.

Introducing, the Replenish Retreat.

Ayurveda recognizes that emptiness, space and silence have great healing potentials for the body and mind. So if you are someone who rarely slows down and has a hard time making time for yourself, a Replenish Retreat might be perfect for you. These retreats are either a half or full day urban oasis where you will focus on stillness, silence, rethinking and replenishment, giving your mind and body some much-needed downtime. A day of recharge consists of yoga, breathwork, reflection, reinvigorating body treatments and more.

The primary purpose of the Replenish Retreat is to help you to create space – mentally, emotionally and physically. It is only when we stop and finally create this space that clarity, creativity, and change can happen.

The quality of your input is directly tied to the quality of your output so if you want to beat burnout and continue to do more, you have to slow down and recharge your battery.


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