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Group Programs

Taking control of your health and forging a new path can be scary. Creating new habits, new lifestyle changes, these things can seem so elusive at times and doing it alone can feel overwhelming and tedious. However, redefining what it means to be healthy and happy with a group of like-minded women who share the same struggles and ambitions and can provide insights and compassion are just the cheerleaders needed to make your health a habit!

Deepak Chopra wrote the power to change your life lies with you, but the probability of success soars when you have support (e.g., a rockin’ group of cheerleaders) and guidance (e.g., an awesome health coach).


My group programs will help you jumpstart your turnaround by allowing you to reboot, restart, and rebalance your body and your life, with community support all around you!


Say Goodbye to Sugar Addiction

Does your breakfast often include a muffin, scone or just a straight-up cookie?! Do you usually hit an energy wall around 3pm and head to the candy machine? Is something sweet after dinner a deserved reward for the crappy day?

I bet you’ve tried to rid yourself of your sugar addiction before on your own. And I’m guessing that you’re still struggling with sugar cravings. Abstinence and sheer willpower have not worked. Doing it alone has not worked. Do you think it might be time to try something different?

Join me and a group of like-minded sugar hostages on this 7-day program and learn how food and stress can give you the sugar blues and increase your sugar cravings. Learn why breaking your sugar addiction is not about abstinence and willpower. Learn that you no longer need to beat this habit alone.

Together, you will focus on food choice changes that will put your sugar cravings in check. You will learn to tune into your body and the signals it sends you. Perhaps most importantly, you will NOT be alone, and you will NOT follow a pre-defined meal plan.

I will be right there with you offering knowledge, encouragement, and you’ll have the support of a peer group of women fighting their own sugar habits. After only 7 days, you can expect to experience a variety of benefits, including:

  • Decrease/eliminate your sugar cravings
  • Lose some unwanted weight
  • Have more energy
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Less mood swings
  • Less bloating
  • Improve your bowel regularity

This group program will include:

  • One 50-minute group teleconference to prepare for the cleanse week; the call will be recorded
  • Inspirational daily emails with nutritional information and tips for keeping the sugar blues at bay
  • Easy, delicious recipes to enjoy
  • Private Facebook group where you will be able to interact with each other and share goals and support
  • My input and laser coaching in the Facebook group

Sounds great, right? So take action! Join me for seven days and regain control of your life with great tasting, nutrient-rich, make-you-feel-amazing food.  It’s a lot easier than you think, especially with me to cheer you on and a group of equally fun but sugar crazed people to support you.

Ready to DETOX?

Check out my Upcoming Events for info on my next detox.



Shift Your Stress and LET IT GO

Are you hyper-focused on being productive?

Do you believe that resting is the same as lazy?

Are you driven to do what you’re supposed to do and do it perfectly?

How about being obsessed with a ‘to-do’ list and priding yourself on getting it all done?

If you answered ‘yes’ to more than 2 of the above then you’ve probably been living a “Doing Life” for as long as you can remember. 

Do you find that all this doing has left you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and disconnected? Probably. You know you’re sick of feeling this way but you’re feeling stuck.  You want to make a change. You want to stop the cycle. But you don’t know how to begin to reinvent the wheel you’ve been spinning on.

Don’t spin any longer. Join me and a group of fellow sufferers of the busyness disease on this 10-day revolt against your daily [di]stress that saps your energy and brainpower. Throughout the 10 days you will learn:

  • The physiological burden of stress – how it works and what it does to the body
  • The difference between self-imposed stress and environmental stress
  • Key strategies and tools to retrain your stress brain
  • How to begin lightening your load and experiencing how much better you can feel when not always in a stressed state

It’s time to RETHINK some things and figure out what is needed to improve your health and happiness.  You can create a life that nourishes you, a life with more joy, energy, peace, and fulfillment. You can have this without feeling more overwhelmed. You can live your life with greater ease, not to mention the added benefits of better immunity, weight loss and greater health.

This group program will include:

  • One 50-minute group teleconference to share, support and ask questions; the call will be recorded
  • Inspirational daily emails with stress-busting information and tips
  • Private Facebook group where you will be able to interact with each other and share goals and support
  • My input and laser coaching in the Facebook group

Ready to RETHINK?

Check out my Upcoming Events for information on my next revolution.

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