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Teaching women how to get it done without hitting a wall is my passion. Sharing my knowledge and expertise on panels and in front of larger groups is both an honor and a joy for me. Samples of my speaking topics are below:

3 Secrets to Getting It Done Without Hitting The Wall

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “There has to be another way?” Are you someone who prides yourself on “pushing through”? Do you know that the wall is just ahead but yet you have absolutely no idea how to turn things around? Getting started is not as hard as you think. Learn 4 practical secrets from Ayurveda that will keep you healthy, energized, and joyous as you acquire a new way to get things done in your life.

Find Your Life’s Natural Rhythm

Learn how to maintain health and improve your energy and awareness using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. This seminar will teach you how to apply a few basic life-sustaining principles so you can establish a sustainable pace for living life to your full human and spiritual potential.

Living The Stressed Out Striver Life

Find out if you are a stressed out striver, and how being in this club affects your daily life – from the physiological burden of stress to the emotional wear and tear. You will walk away with 3 key strategies to allow you to reduce and/or eliminate the amount of personal stress in your daily life.

Redefining a Successful Life

Success without [di] stress is blasphemous to many, but Ayurveda shows us how to live and achieve without anxiety or worry. Learn how this ancient healing system can help you define and strive on your own terms, and how to tap into and remain centered around your own inner wisdom.

From Burnt Out to Breakthrough

You’ve hit the wall. Now what?  You’ve never been in this space before where pushing harder doesn’t work. Here is your chance to truly feel into the breakdown in order to step into the breakthrough. Together, we will let out all of the frustration, stress and anxiety that have been bubbling up inside of us. Using creative and engaging group exercises, we will happily release it all and take the first step in turning our lives around.

Achieve with Ease

Centered, focused, easy, serene… do you ever use any of these words to describe your life? How about your career? How about your vacation? There are tools you can use starting today that will allow you to use the power of the universe to supplement your hard work and discipline in order to help you to thrive, succeed and achieve with ease.

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