It’s Not Your Normal 10K

I’m spending 8 weeks online with a great bunch of people who are committed to reducing their stress and preventing unwanted holiday weight gain. We just started Week 2, and everyone is off to a great start! We each strive to walk at least 10,000 (10K) steps each day.

Some participants have reported a few 10K days, but on days when we are intentional about walking, most of us rack up 5K-7K steps. We are using this opportunity to learn how we spend our time each day, how to incorporate creative movement into our busy schedules, and how to set realistic but challenging goals for ourselves.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • “I know that I will eat more during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays so I’m excited to get into a routine of walking and making my 10k steps before that time comes.” – JD
  • “My intentions for the challenge are just to meet the steps. I am using this challenge as a way to make sure I am getting some exercise and for stress release as well. Walking in nature is such a stress reliever to me sometimes I cry out of pure release.” – MC
  • “I’m using this challenge to get back on my game. I fell in love and married a wonderful man earlier this year. Blending two lives, however, has thrown me off my fitness routine…this challenge is right on time. Thank you, Marva Makle!” – TH
  • “I want to use the challenge to help me re-start moving again, and fend off the weight during the holidays…It’s so good to be doing this with you all!” – AL
  • “I am a mom and wife…my new career, it keeps me in front of a computer most of the time. I know I need to be more active so I joined Marva in this challenge.” -MB
  • “Today is my Day 2 with this group. Thanks so much again for this focus!!! It came at exactly the right time!” – NM

I created this challenge because I know that we all struggle with taking care of ourselves, especially during the holidays. Often, we think the stress, weight gain, overspending, etc. is just “how it is”-we can’t do anything about it.

This year, I will help you reclaim the holidays in a way that is supportive of your health and well-being using new self-care habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Why participate in the Reclaim The Holiday’s 10K?

    • Movement: Physical movement is great for your health. Our bodies were built to move not to be sedentary.
    • Recovery: High-intensity workout addicts can embrace walking and allow their bodies to recover.
    • Immunity Booster: Many of us walk outside near parks, woods, trees and wildlife. Studies show that being in Nature is a great immunity booster.
    • Mood Booster: Friends, co-workers and family bond when walking together, a magnificent mood enhancer.
    • Accessible: Since no equipment is necessary (except maybe a pedometer), it’s cheap, easy, and accessible to everyone. Just start walking.
    • Measurable Motivator: Counting your steps and setting a goal are an effective motivators.
    • Support Group: Tackling a challenge with a group of likeminded, similarly-challenged, people offers support and inspiration.
    • Habit Forming: Studies show that new habits, on average, are formed within an 8 week period.



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