Whole Food. Real Food. We All Need To Eat Food.

Who knew that figuring out what to eat could be so complicated. Well, in actuality it isn’t if we stick to the simple notion of eating real food. While modern food science, and a very young science it is, has provided us with 10’s of thousands of food-like products to choose from, we can pretty much eliminate them if we focus on real food.wholefoods_cleanse

So what is real food?  Real foods are whole foods.  Whole foods come from nature and are fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains.  The idea is to eat whole foods more and the highly processed products of modern food science less.  You have probably heard the advice “shop the perimeter and keep out of the middle.”  This phrase helps us remember that real foods are typically found along the outer ring of the grocery store and the food-like products are kept on the shelves of the inner aisles.

So in keeping with the “small steps” approach, what can you do to include more real food in your diet?  Perhaps you can eat a piece of fresh fruit daily, or eat a vegetable with 4 meals a week, or try a new grain each month, or eat less animal product.  A small step is all that is needed.  Remember, the next step is only a little more than what you are doing today.

Here’s an easy step to take.  You can cook this month’s recipe from Epicurious.  It’s a highly nutritious and delicious soup.  It is one of my favorites.  So, get out your pot and enjoy this 3 Greens Soup.

Enjoy the rest of your February!  As always, I am cheering you on.


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