Food Is The Foundation of Vibrant Health

On the topic of food, my goal is to transform your relationship with what you eat.  It’s not about deprivation or tasteless fare.  It’s about nourishing your mind, body, and soul with what is required for you to live with energy, vitality, and joy.  This means eating high-quality whole foods that are packed with nutrients.

So staying true to my “small steps” approach, I am including a recipe that is easy to make (~ 30 minutes of active time) and delicious.  All I’m asking you to do is make the dish before the next recipe appears in one month.   Cook 1 meal in 30 days.  No counting calories or fat grams.  No giving up coffee or your glass of wine at dinner.  Just cook one meal.  That’s it.  If you make this recipe and double it, you’ll be able to eat well for several days each month.  A small step forward!  If you already cook once a month, then take another small step and up the frequency by one day.

Now I have to confess that I’m not much of a cook, therefore I subscribe to several magazines that are filled with great recipes.  This month’s recipe is from the February issue of Eating Well.  It is a Moroccan Lentil Soup.  Yummy!  There is also a slow cooker/crock pot version as well.  A slow cooker has become my go to piece of cooking equipment, second only to my VitaMix!  Must haves for busy people.

Here’s to 2013 being a fabulous year! As always, I am cheering you on.



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