Wow! I’m Shocked and Thrilled.

I would never have believed this if I weren’t experiencing it for myself. It’s been 6 years since I hit-the-wall and exited from corporate America. It’s been 15 years since I started my healing journey and as noted in Deepak’s latest 21-Day Meditation Challenge called Making Every Moment Matter, “I experience the healing power of time.”

What do I have to show for all this time? I feel FANTASTIC! It’s crazy. I don’t think I’ve felt this good…EVER. While I’ve had tons of subtle changes and several big leaps, this year has truly made me feel brand new. I feel like I could fly to the moon with just the power of my joy. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I am grateful and want to openly say ‘thank you’ to…

  • Green Valley Spa (now Amira Resort) in St George Utah. For my 35th birthday, you gave me the experience of clean, whole foods eating for a week and I never forgot that feeling. The idea that my food could so significantly affect my energy, mental acuity, and mood was huge.
  • Karen Chopra, my career counselor for reconnecting me to my dreams, desires, talents and letting me know my magic was in being me, my authentic self.
  • My former co-workers, Dean and Kirsten. Dean for sharing his diet overhaul experience driven by two great books – ‘Diet For A New America’ and ‘The China Study.” I was reminded that food is foundational. I went vegan for 9 months and experienced the first major shift in my health. Kirsten for sharing her education at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and sparking what remains my passion today. I graduated in 2010.
  • Zuzanna and Lynn, friends from IIN, for opening my mind to the spiritual and energetic aspects of life. I had a crazy Reiki experience on a bench in Central Park that showed me how we are energy and our health is affected by our thoughts and beliefs.
  • Dr Sharon Fan (Chinese Medical Doctor, ND) and Dr Neil Spiegel, OD. Two gifted healers who started me on my path to natural healing.
  • Deepak Chopra and his meditation challenges. He started them in October 2011 just a couple months before I left my corporate career of 23 years. Meditation has transformed my life and is as key to my vitality as diet and exercise.
  • The wonderful staff and patrons at Kripalu in April 2011. After my mom’s death, I went there and I found love, compassion and yoga. Yoga, like meditation, has allowed me to slow down physically and mentally, and to find the space to develop my self-awareness and be physically fit without all the pushing.
  • Neva Ingalls, my Ayurvedic teacher, amazing yoga teacher, and a beautiful soul. For deepening my self-awareness and connection to The Source. It was learning Ayurveda that has been the foundation of my healing and how I live every day.
  • Dr. Tracey Freeman, MD for knowing the body will heal itself. For believing that I still didn’t feel well even though I didn’t “look sick “or “act sick.” For identifying the many things I’m fighting, including Hashimoto’s, Lyme and Candida and getting to the bottom of why I had a physical, mental, and emotional collapse. After 15 months, I had a major leap in energy and lightness and I continue to feel more and more amazing.
  • Karen Schachter and BRAVE. This woman is a brilliant therapist and energetic healer. The 1 year I have spent with her and the equally amazing women she attracts has allowed be to heal old emotional wounds and to find and live my true self. I am so ready to conquer the world on my terms with ease and joy!
  • Mark, my hubby – for being the most supportive partner ever. For not freaking out when I said “I can’t do this anymore.” For knowing that I needed to check my independence at the door for the time being and for going along on this crazy ride.
  • Debbie – for being an incredible friend. For being there every step of the way. For being a constant cheerleader, for making me “own my shit”, and for having my back.

I’ve never been big on taking time to celebrate but I do now! I realize how much time and effort goes into doing something well. I no longer just feel relief at getting to the goal without fucking up. I have had a hard but beautiful journey thus far and I’m so thankful. Yippee!!

I would love to hear from you so please comment below. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Leslie

    Marva! What a beautiful journey- thank you for sharing your challenges and joys!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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