What’s Behind Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m sure you’ve either written or given serious thought to what you want to accomplish in 2017. One of the things I’ve realized is how in the past I would write my new year’s resolutions from a place of fear. I didn’t know it then but I realize it now.

Fear is an asset if our life is immediately threatened but it doesn’t help create meaningful, lasting change. Fear creates stress and struggle. I’m personally looking for a whole lot less of that, thank you very much!

So how do I write goals from a place of confidence, ease, and joy? I take my time and ask myself these 3 questions:

  1. Am I energized by this goal? Most of my life, I set goals based on what I should or ought to do which felt heavy and joyless.
  2. Will achieving this goal increase my happiness? Whether I was pursuing a promotion or training to ride 100 miles in a day, it was a fear of what would happen if I didn’t succeed that fueled me– fear of disappointing, of failing, or of being criticized.
  3. Is this goal based on a true desire of mine? For most of my life, I had no connection to my desires which meant I was pursuing external recognition/approval or a desire I had been conditioned to want like a skinny body, an important job title, a perfect marriage, etc.

Before you jump into action, take a few moments to review your 2017 resolutions in the context of the above questions. See where it takes you.

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