“Awarness Cures.” – Fritz Perls

I hope many of you accepted my invitation to participate in Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge on Perfect Health.  Has one centering thought resonated with you more than any other?

I really love this centering thought:  “With awareness, I create healthy habits.” You could put the emphasis on any of these words:  “With awareness, I create healthy habits.”  “With awareness, I create healthy habits.”  “With awareness I create healthy habits.”  As I repeat it, the emphasis on the ‘I’ gets louder.  “With awareness, I create healthy habits.”   When I emphasize the “I”, my resolve grows stronger reminding me that each of us is in control of our own life.

What is awareness?  Marc David, in his book, “The Slow Down Diet”, says, “awareness is presence.  It’s our ability to be awake to what is.  It’s our capacity to experience what life is doing in this moment.”   Being present allows you to know what you want: your goal.  It allows you to know what is working and what is not.  Only then can you change to reach your goal.

How can you raise your awareness about what would make you happier and healthier?  Well, first and foremost is slowing down.  You can’t think or reflect if you’re running full steam ahead.  Frenzy does not leave any room in your life or your brain for inspiration or creativity.

I had a client who was struggling with weight loss and bouts of depression.  At the end of her workday she would be tired and drained.  By the end of the week, she would be exhausted.  At that point, she just wanted comfort.  Eating kale or going to yoga wasn’t going to do it.

During our time together, she became aware of how her work environment left her emotionally drained.  She was an extrovert swimming upstream in a sea of introverts.  Extroverts and introverts process energy differently.  Her environment depleted her energy.  Her emotional needs were not met.

My client realized that her energy bucket was empty, and required frequent replenishing.  It required more connection and interaction with people.  She wasn’t lazy or undeserving.  With this awareness, she was able to lift her mood and lose weight. How was she able to do that?

Next, we paired her awareness with action to reach her goal.   She started by changing her mindset.  She refrained from internalizing her coworkers’ quietness as rejection.  She sought out and shared lunch with other extroverts, who could refill her energy bucket.   After hours, she would meet up with friends more often and she began hosting a regular dinner party.  These times with other people left her energized and her dinner party also provided leftovers for healthy eating during the week!

What 2-3 small steps can you take this month to slow down and raise your awareness to reach greater health and happiness? Here are a few ideas:

  • Identify the self-induced stressors. As Type-A’s, we have unnecessary stress that we can eliminate when we decide it will be so.
  • Write a list of what brings you pleasure and make time to do something on the list.
  • Set aside 5 minutes of quiet time. Sit and silently repeat, “With awareness, I create healthy habits” and see what happens.

I have several upcoming programs and workshops that will help raise your awareness and propel you forward. Take a look. I want you to join me. As always, I am cheering you on!


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